How Real Estate Investing Allowed Megan to Quit Her Job

Wow, the title of this post. As I wrote that, I was taken back. I [Megan] still cannot believe that’s a true statement for our family.

I’m a worker.

I’m someone who loves to provide value in the workplace.

I love all things business.

However, after loving my corporate job for many years Angelo and I had our first baby boy and going back to work with a newborn was great; however, the company I worked for was experiencing some changes, and I decided that childcare drop-offs, commutes, and being away from my baby for 40+ hours a week was no longer my jam.

So, I asked Angelo if I could quit my job.

Something I should mention is that we have always lived off of and used my income and reinvested all of our real estate earnings. So, being the financial wizard that he is [thank you, Jesus, for giving Angelo this gift!], he crunched some numbers. And so, with accounting for our real estate profits, we could live off Angelo’s income as a first-year engineer making [$55,000 annually] and our real estate investment profits of $1,150/month profit from a condo [$350] and single-family home [$800.] By taking our son out of daycare and tightening the belt a little bit, we calculated that if I start a business on my own, I would have to make $500/month to get us back to the income level that my job provided.

I was shocked.

So, I went ahead and quit my job & started a marketing company, The Communication Boutique. Having the freedom and flexibility from our real estate, it allowed me to focus on doing great work, and not just making some quick money. This lead to me bringing on some high-caliber clients early on and my business took off putting us in a position to move our real estate money back into investments.

The rest is history, but the principle here is that at the age of 27 [me] and 25 [Angelo] we were able to lean on our investment income to allow me to start and grow a business that is a large and stable part of our lives. What we want to highlight in all of this is that real estate opens up options. We love it because it provides short-term cash flow as well as long-term wealth.

If you are interested in getting into real estate or refining real estate investments that you already own, reach out to us today to get started!

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