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Helping clients pioneer their real estate investing.

Advising Sessions


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We partner with clients to understand their dreams, establish goals, and create the most effective path to achieve their outcome through real estate investing.

Investment Roadmap

In this program, we help our clients establish and refine goals. We then develop an investment journey roadmap. As part of the program, we review our client's resources and recommend investment opportunities to achieve their goals. Clients can expect an investor roadmap that includes a clear direction, timeline, SMART goals, and the education, knowledge and next steps to achieve their goals through real estate investing.

This program is for both the pre-investor and the investors as it gives focus, confidence, clarity, tools, and a strategy.

Short-Term Rental

During this program, we meet our clients at their home, or vacation home, and we help them establish short-term rental goals, provide recommendations on ways they can best accomodate guests in the home to foster booking goals, identifying the right target market, stronger pricing models, and optimizations. In this program, we offer a start-up guide to ensure our clients cover all their bases with short-term rentals (examples: financial calculator, cleaning recommendations, policies, security deposits, etc.)

Clients who book this program can expect to fully understand how to create or optimize a short-term rental portfolio to achieve their life goals.

Single Advising Session

Do you have a specific question or issue that you would like to get more clarity on? As an investor, sometimes we can get stuck in our own heads or our own way of thinking. If you need a jumpstart or a new innovative approach to a specific real estate investment, we offer one-time sessions to get investors back on the right track or troubleshoot.

You can expect to come out of this session with a better understanding of what you need to do next and the introductions to any resources if required.

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